Pointing out flaws

Do you want to know that you hired a moron?

illegal work

it constantly boggles my mind when i see rational adults hiring either unlicensed contractors to do work or licensed contractors to do illegal work. I never understand who is crazier. The repercussions of doing illegal work for the home owner are so big that it’s hard to imagine that they are willing to take on such risks. When you have someone that is either unlicensed, unqualified, or just not filing the work doing the job you have no system of checks and balances. You are relying solely on that person to do the job correctly. Rationally speaking if they intended to do the job correctly there would be no reason not to file. The actual cost of filing is not so great, it’s only a grand or so on top of the actual price of the job but it’s worth so much to know in the future that the job has been checked and you won’t have any problems as far as legality is concerned. However, doing a job right costs more than a few grand. 

The risk to the homeowner is huge. The job will most likely not be done correctly. I constantly hear people saying that their job wasn’t filed but was done to code and when it’s checked it turns out that it wasn’t even close to code. How is the homeowner supposed to know that the job was done to code, has the homeowner gone through a night course on plumbing code? probably not! 

There is also a huge risk to licensed contractors doing illegal work. This is why I can’t imagine who is crazier. The homeowner that is putting their family’s life in danger for the sake of a couple of thousand dollars or the contractor that is putting his license and livelihood at stake for a job that is probably not even worth anything. 

It’s insane what people are willing to put on the line for a bit of money. But be aware, this will come back to bite you in the ass. Eventually the house will go up for sale and the work will be questioned. Then you have to pay double to get it fixed legally. Most likely it’s not a case of just filing the work, it’s actually redoing everything. We constantly see sad homeowners that have to pay triple to replace what they paid half price for initially. 





Our installation is complete, just need to clear out. Boiler is on and we have another satisfied customer. I wish they were all so easy